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Metal Old School Silver
Metal Old School Silver
Metal Old School Silver
Metal Old School Silver

Metal Old Academy SilverBright Silver

from $55 USD

Our best attenuate anatomy to date, Old Academy Metal in Ablaze Argent adds a attenuate white bound about the alfresco of your allotment and lets your artwork booty centermost stage. The frame's delicate, hardly angled contour makes it an accomplished best for concert posters, fine-art photographs, and small-scale works.

Better yet, it's both beautiful and able booty the anatomy afar and about-face out its capacity whenever you get the appetite to brace your walls.

Also accessible in Warm SilverBright Gold, Matte Rose Gold and Matte Black.

Featured artwork by Gabrielle Raaff (courtesy of Uprise Art).

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  • Material Metal
  • Face 1/4"
  • Frame Abyss 13/16"


  • Custom admeasurement up to 8 x 10 $55
  • Custom admeasurement up to 11 x 14 $61
  • Custom admeasurement up to 16 x 20 $84
  • Custom admeasurement up to 18 x 24 $115
  • Custom admeasurement up to 24 x 30 $131
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