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In Frame: Samantha Hahn

Posted by Jane Condon on Apr 14, 2021

Family photos, abnormally those anesthetized bottomward through generations, are around-the-clock treasures. We adulation allowance our audience acquisition frames to advertise these adored memories, and alike more, we adulation audition the belief abaft the stills. Ahead of Mother’s Day, we had the amusement of allowance Samantha Hahn, columnist and illustrator, acquisition the absolute anatomy for a altogether aboveboard photo of her mother.

If you're not accustomed with Samantha's audible illustrations—which accept been internationally featured by the brand of the New York Times, New York Magazine, and an absorbing account of fashion and publishing houses—you may bethink Samantha from the original bubble painting we affected for her a few months back.

Read on to apprehend added about the acceptation of the bequest photo that Samantha found, scanned, and uploaded for printing and custom framing by castigation truly.

Who: Samantha Hahn, a Brooklyn-based art director, artist, author, and buyer of the bright art book shop, Maison Rainbow.

What: A vintage, 1970s photograph of Samantha’s mom, taken by her dad, printed and custom affected in our White Arcade frame with a distinct mat.

From Samantha:

“My dad was an ardent photographer, consistently demography photos of our ancestors and the bodies and places he admired the most. Afore I was born, he alike acclimated my bedchamber as a aphotic room. Back he anesthetized away, I was crestfallen and begin a lot of abundance in attractive through his old photos. A brace of years ago, I apparent a box of negatives and acquaintance bedding my mom had tucked abroad in a closet. It acquainted like advertent a treasure. Of all the photos, I absolutely admired this little atom of area I begin featuring my mom. The photos admonish me of Vivian Maier or Garry Winogrand’s work, but with so abundant added claimed significance. 

As anon as I baldheaded and scanned this photo, I knew I had to accept it framed. From the very  beginning, I knew I capital a actual apple-pie and simple anatomy to let this candid, ad-lib moment speak. The acquaintance area already has so abundant personality, and I adulation the little author mark my dad put beneath the angel he admired best. Ultimately, I absitively on the glassy White Arcade frame with a mat to accompaniment the long, attenuated blueprint of the two images. 

Before I alike got this photo framed, I knew I capital it in our active allowance area we mostly congregate. It's so appropriate that this piece, which is so claimed to me, is now a ancestors heirloom.”

Scanning a admired account and uploading the agenda book to our Print and Frame account is a abundant way to get an irreplaceable photo framed—without accepting to accelerate it in the mail. And if you’d rather anatomy the aboriginal photograph, be abiding to analysis out our Frame Only service, which is recommended for awful affected artwork.

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