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How To Aggregate Art

Posted by Greta Braddock on Aug 04, 2016

When you alarm aloft the casework of Simply Framed, custom-framing your artwork is easy. But collecting art can assume like a alarming undertaking, acute endless of dispensable income, drifting to contemporary art fairs, and endless arcade visits.

We say: Not so! Anyone can aggregate art. Abnormally back you heed the admonition of our founder, Dara, who afresh bound 37 tips for domino on accepting your own claimed art accumulating off the ground. Turns out, it’s all about actuality accommodating and alive area to look. Analysis out the absolute affection here and apprehend on for a few of our admired nuggets of acumen to affect you to get started, pronto!

Photo by Our Adulation Is Loud

1. Subscribe To A Newsletter 
To ascertain new artists, I subscribe to newsletters from several affordable art websites including:, Paddle8, The Posters, 20x200, Uprise Art, Eventide Collective, Instant Gallery, Saatchi Online, and domino.”

2. Alpha Small
“A baby aboriginal painting or cartoon or a bound copy active book is a abundant abode to start.”

3. Originals Can Be Affordable
“Once you acquisition an artisan whose assignment speaks to you, I acclaim analytic to see if that artisan has their own online arcade set up and blockage there for originals or added works. Originals are generally added affordable than you ability think.”

4. Save In Added Areas
“You could additionally anticipate of it like allotment of a counterbalanced diet—take the money that you would accept spent on dessert, alcohol, and bottled baptize and administer that appear architecture your art collection.” 

5. Analogous Is Overrated
“One of the better mistakes bodies accomplish is aggravating to bout a allowance against affairs article that you adulation independently.”

Don't absence abounding added advantageous tips on how to collect art by reading the accomplished commodity on!



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