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Simply Affected in the Bank Artery Journal

Posted by MK Quinlan on Jul 13, 2015

Nothing feels bigger than accepting absolute reviews about our online framing account from our customers...except for maybe a absolute analysis from the Wall Artery Journal

Illustration by Wesley Bedrosian for the Wall Artery Journal 

We were both afraid and captivated to see Artlessly Affected in the July 1, 2015 copy of the Wall Artery Journal's Bad-humored Customer column. Biographer Elizabeth Garone, afterwards agreement and accepting a custom anatomy adjustment from Artlessly Framed, complimented us on our online adjustment form's details section. We like to alarm it our "Peace of Mind" area because it allows our barter to ask any catechism about their anatomy order. Not abiding you chose the appropriate mat? We'll booty a attending at your adjustment and let you apperceive if we anticipate there's a bigger mat another for your piece. Appetite an extra-large mat for a baby photo? Let us apperceive in the addendum area and we'll accomplish it happen. 

Speaking of mats, we've consistently acquainted that framing with a white or atramentous mat is the best way to ensure that your custom anatomy stands the analysis of time. We're blessed to address that Ms. Garone, admitting borderline at aboriginal about our alternative of mat options, agrees. See what Ms. Garone and our architect Dara Segal had to say about our "mat strategy," below. 

When attractive at the mat choices, we were afraid to abandoned see white and atramentous options. “We acquisition that black mats not abandoned absolute area you will be able to affectation your accomplished anatomy but additionally acquisition that black mats can be confusing to the artwork. A white or chrism mat isolates the angel from the frame, creating a amplitude for you to acquaintance the angel alone,” said aggregation architect Dara Segal. “We didn’t appear up with this concept, but it has become the accepted in the art apple and is the appearance we feel will accord you the best around-the-clock attending that you’ll be blessed with for decades.”

Ms. Segal was right: Our book looked abundant in a atramentous anatomy with an fair mat.

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