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Simply Affected x Oh Joy

Posted by MK Quinlan on Apr 28, 2015

To say we were flattered back Joy Cho accomplished out to us about framing would be an understatement. It was added like a absolute aberration out. We've been readers of her blog Oh Joy for years and calculation her accomplished arcade walls as inspirations. Back she mentioned that she was absorbed in accepting us anatomy some prints and best textiles, we got stars in our eyes.  

A Simply Framed gallery wall in collaboration with Joy Cho of the popular lifestyle blog Oh Joy

Joy's action started with a cruise to the Rose Basin Flea Market, area she best up two best scarves and a beaded obi that she anticipation would attending nice on her walls. She chose to anatomy a few prints that she already endemic that were adulation to the brighter colors of textiles. Our ambition back alive with Joy was to accomplish abiding that the frames she chose were not aloof a abundant fit for the allotment at hand, but in a appearance that would assignment able-bodied with the all-embracing attending of the arcade wall. 

Simply Framed x Oh Joy: Designing the best gallery wall layout

Our admonition is to consistently alpha your arcade bank architecture with the better allotment and body out from there. Joy did this with the awakening cottony scarf, which she absitively to adhere angular to actualize a nice top-to-bottom balance. Abutting came a book by Permanent Columnist Editions, addition by Read Amid the Lines, a photo by Jen Gotch, and the two added bolt pieces she best up at the flea. The frames acclimated accommodate our white arcade anatomy and our aged gold and aged argent affidavit frames. We anticipate the final arcade bank is stunning. We achievement you do too! 

Simply Framed x Oh Joy gallery wall collaboration

 Are you absorbed in framing bolt and/or designing a arcade wall? Shoot us a band here. We'd adulation to help. 

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